10 Melhores Pistolas do Mundo

10 Best Handguns of the World

1. Glock-17
Glock 17C cropped.jpg
A "third generation" Glock 17C, identified by the addition of an extra cross pin above the trigger and a reshaped extractor that serves as a loaded chamber indicator.

Glock 17 9mmPara 002.jpg
A "first generation" Glock 17 with the slide locked back displaying its vertical barrel tilt.

A "second generation" Glock 17, identified by the checkering on the front and rear straps of the pistol grip and trigger guard.

2. FN Herstal FNP-9

3. Beretta 92


4. Walther P99

5. QSZ - 92

6. Colt M1911 Pistol
"Colt Government" Series 80 model Self-loading Pistol 

7. Mark 23

8. HS2000 XD

9. SIG Sauer P250

10. Desert Eagle (Version Mark XIX)


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